Renting Numbers

In addition to selling unique and hard to find numbers also gives you the option to rent your memorable number.

Rented numbers are particularly helpful during a marketing campaign or product launch where a easy to remember and easy to dial number is required.

Which numbers can be rented?

Most of our numbers are available for renting for a period of 30 days or more, but we suggest reserving your rental number for 3-6 months.

Can I pay monthly for a rented number?

You certainly can. numbers offers a no penalty month by month billing, but you will receive a discounted price for longer term pre payments.

How do I rent a number?

If the number you have found is available to rent a "Rent" button will be displayed, after you have selected your rental period and made payment to reserve your number, instructions will be shown on how to setup your number.

Do I get a SIM card for rented mobile numbers?

No you dont. When renting a mobile number we will deliver any calls and text messages to a number of your choice.